Sneeuwvlokken vam toiletrolletjes

How to Make Cheap Snowflakes Out of Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Tubes - Cook& *** Find out even more at the picture link

Pinguin collage

Pinguin collage the sharp icy boarder is cool, kids could use green for jungle and add a leafy border or add coral or seaweed like boarder for different creatures -oh even rocks and a dragon in the middle, lots of ideas collage paper craft mixed media

Schaatsen van papier en een rietje

BARKÁCS - Klára Balassáné - Picasa Web Albums - don't need English instructions with these picts!

de sneeuwman smelt. De kinderen kunnen door middel van de telblokjes ernaast( Unifix) zien hoeveel hij smelt.

British Columbia Kindergarten Social Studies and Science: Earth and Space - Surroundings "demonstrate the ability to observe their environment"The children build a snowman and then use math manipulatives to measure him before (and while) melting.

Classroom Freebies: Shapely Snowflake Snowmen

Shapely Snowflake Snowmen

Knex - Digibord Onderbouw

Knex - Digibord Onderbouw

▶ dag meneer de sneeuwman - YouTube

▶ dag meneer de sneeuwman - YouTube