Havelterberg, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Havelterberg, Drenthe, The Netherlands - I ride here with my horse a lot and I still like it here.

Meppel, Drenthe, Netherlands

Lucas Stevense Van Voorhees, my great grandfather, was born in 1670 in Drenthe, The Netherlands. He settled in Flatlands, NY and died in 1713


Op vakantie in Nederland? On holiday in the Netherlands?nl/In-Nederland-op-vakantie Check the Dutch litlle versions of Stonehenge ^_^ Their called Hunebedden!


NETHERLANDS, DRENTHE, MEPPEL is a municipality and a city developed in the century as a transport and distribution inland harbor for turf.

Drentse kinderen

These children, in the Dutch province “Drenthe”, on wooden shoes and traditional costumes are part of a children dancing group from the town Exloo in Drenthe.