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Okay but what happens if she tries to, you know, look straight ahead. // Stéphane Rolland Fall 2016 Couture

Stéphane Rolland Fall 2016 Couture living with problems or parts of us that cannot be ignored - symbolized through big objects on the dress and her looking away

Prachtige creatie met een waterval-achtig gedrapeerde rok. Over de schoenenkeus  valt te twisten.

I love the fairy~ish feel of this! The draping feeling of the longer stemmed flowers and the puffy "material" towards the top caused by the amount of flowers is so amazing.

Upcoming St. Louis #Fashion Events #STL

Emma Star Floral: Las Vegas- "Savage Botanicals" Symposium -- "Insect Awakening" This dress literally moved. It bounced and fluttered all the way down the runway. The movement of the butterflies on the ends of the midollino stems was perfect.

Origami Fashion - folded fabric dress with amazing 3D pattern and structure; architectural fashion design; wearable art // Tara Keens-Douglas

Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas - Carnival costumes are often known for their vibrant colors, sparkling sequins and skin-revealing cuts; while Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas .