Eettafel lamp

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a lamp that looks like a fish head hanging from the ceiling in a living room
Stunning Steampunk Inspired Anglerfish Lamps
an old fashioned lamp is lit up on a dark background with the light shining through it
Luxury Interior Decor To Inspire Your Creative Side!
an ornate light fixture hanging from the side of a wall with flowers painted on it
Molde, Ornament, Dekorasyon, Resim, Medieval, Beautiful, Deko, Fleur De Lys, Antik
an industrial light fixture with several bulbs hanging from it's sides and the lights turned on
Artstyle Mimarlık | Cafe Dekorasyon, Cafe Dekor, Cafe Dekorları
two hanging candles with chains attached to them, one is brown and the other is orange
Dit item is niet beschikbaar | Etsy
a chandelier with five lit candles hanging from it's center, on a black background
Gothic Revival Brass Antique Chandelier
an old fashioned table lamp with a glass globe on top
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