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there are many different colored mugs with faces on them, all made out of felt
Bedankjes voor meesters & juffen / Algemene tips / Tips & trucs |
an old black and white photo with words written in german on the bottom right corner
nieuwe baan heej wat goed
an open can of coca - cola next to a package of crackers on a wooden table
Bedankje afscheid werk
a black and white poster with some type of writing on it's back side
Onze meester is
a black and white drawing of some things that are in the shape of a sign
Juf en Meester in de krant
two greeting cards with colorful butterflies on them
Meesterdag & Juffendag ideeën - 10x knutselen met de hele klas
an image of two books with words written in german and english on the pages, next to each other
Taal - Juf Joanne
a card with the words tegoebon on it and two forks and spoons
Tegoedbon ||Lekkere Lunch ||roze
two bottles of hand sanitizers sitting next to each other
Bedankt voor de FAntastische tijd
an open box with three blue and yellow soda bottles in front of it that says, you're the fanta slice lemonade
Juffendag; de leukste bedankjes voor de juf of meester - MamaKletst
four different colored lip bales sitting next to each other on a wooden table,