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two pictures of a bicycle with books on the back and an open book shelf attached to it
Estantes para colgar bicicletas - Estilos Deco
a pair of black shoes sitting on top of a white box next to a cell phone
Maak kans op een gratis Bikedock racefiets ophangsysteem - Artivelo
a bicycle is mounted to the side of a wall with shoes and gear on it
Muurdrager fiets zoals Frank - Artivelo
an illustration showing the parts for a coffee table
How to Make a Simple Bike Rack
a bike with a wooden crate attached to it's front wheel and seatpost
Rio bike and board rack
a pair of scissors on top of a shelf
a bike with a wooden block attached to the seat and handlebars on it
Make Bike Rack | Gear Patrol
a yellow object hanging from the side of a white wall next to a wooden shelf
an image of a box with the measurements for it and its contents in different colors
Easily balance your bike on your bike rack. Use the smaller triangle as storage space.
a person is working on a bicycle frame
This DIY Wooden Bike Rack Will Look Gorgeous On Your Wall