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an advertisement for frozen desserts with strawberries on the cake and icecream
Fruit Bavarian Cream
Frozen Delish
an advertisement for ice cream festival with various desserts
American Dairy Association
BHG - 1952
an advertisement for frosty desserts on a table
Frosty Desserts - 1/2
BHG - 1952
an image of a table full of cakes and desserts on it's plates
Frosty Desserts - 2/2
BHG - 1952
a woman is talking on the phone while holding a menu
Mrs Paul's Haddock Dinner Deluxe
Mrs Paul's Haddock Dinner Deluxe
a piece of cake on a plate with a sign that says, only 4 minutes work only 45 serving perfect texture every time
Woman's Day-Jun 1952
a bag of zero dessert mix sitting on top of a table
Woman's Day-Jun 1952
an ice cream sundae in a glass with a cherry on top and whipped cream
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Old 1950's SODA FOUNTAIN Ice Cream Diecut
an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top
an advertisement for frosty cold beverages with orange slices and garnishes on the rim
Frosty Cool - 1/2
BHG - 1951
an old advertisement for ice cream sundaes with bananas and strawberries
Frosty Cool - 2/2
BHG - 1951
an advertisement for breaded fish and vegetables on a plate
an advertisement for lemon meringue pie from the 1950's, with instructions on how to make it
1962 - Mrs. Smith's Frozen Lemon Meringue Pie
an old advertisement for merry desserts from the 1950's, with strawberries on top
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Birds Eye Sliced Strawberri (1949)
an advertisement for wrigley's cornflakes with a spoon in it
Vintage Ads
Wheaties Life 7-9-56
an old advertisement for ice cream with cherries and cherries on the plate,
Vintage Ads
Vintage Ads — LiveJournal
an old advertisement for birds eye foods with pictures of people eating and talking to each other
Vintage Ads
Vintage Ads — LiveJournal
an advertisement for a cake that has been cut into pieces and served on plates with utensils
Frosty Freezer Desserts
I wonder if this is from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book or the Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book... It's nevertheless an ice cream cake. No recipe, but it doesn't look too complicated to make.
an advertisement for pillsbury's pancake flour from the early 1950's
Pillsbury (1942).
an old advertisement for peach ice cream
Vintage Food Advertisements of the 1950s (Page 7)
Ten B Low Real Ice Cream (1950)
the instructions for how to make a turkey and gravy casserole dish
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