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an advertisement for a women's dress with a woman in the background holding her hand up
Kleinerts Dress Shields | Kleinerts Dress Shields
an old advertisement for canned fruit cocktail from california, with slices cut out and ready to be eaten
Good and Gay Fruit Cocktail Treats from California
BHG - 1952
an old advertisement shows children playing in the kitchen
Just for fun...make this gay play room your own!
BHG - 1952
an old ad for ben - gay quick with a man in the back ground and his mouth open
If Peter Pain hummels with mean muscle ache... / Medicine and Madison Avenue / Duke Digital Repository
an old ad for ben - gay quick, featuring a woman covering her eyes with her hands
When Peter Pain hits with neuralgia pains... / Medicine and Madison Avenue / Duke Digital Repository
an advertisement for ben - gay wax from the early 1900's, featuring a woman brushing her teeth
vintage ad browser
vintage ad browser i don t even know where to begin with this one at ...
an advertisement for a cake with fruit on it
an old advertisement for the dollar book with a man and woman in front of it
1942-(via File Photo)-
three children sitting on the floor playing with toys
Gay Plaid
BHG - 1952
an advertisement for fresh fruit salads with oranges and cherries on them,
Gay and Easy!
BHG - 1952
an old movie poster for the gay bride
The Gay Bride (1934)
Carole Lombard and Chester Morris in The Gay Bride (1934)
an advertisement for ransburg's hand - painted kitchenware from the 1950's
Make your kitchen bright and gay!
BHG - 1951
an advertisement for christmas desserts and other holiday treats from the 1950's or 1960s's
Baker's Coconut
an old movie poster for the gay bride
The Gay Bride posztere (1934)
an old recipe book shows different types of food on plates
Salad every day..
Salad every day.. | Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book (Revis… | Flickr
an advertisement for apple pies on a plate with a packet of salted butter
Bisquick - Gay, colorful.
an advertisement for softfalk cake with frosting and icing on the side
Betty Crocker as the Holiday Season!
an old advertisement for a guitar and vase with flowers in the background, from a magazine called wrap food for gay gifts
Gay Gifts
an old advertisement for baker's cookies
Baker's Coconut
Gay 'n Luscious
an old fashion ad from the 1950's shows a woman in black dress and gloves
an advertisement for christmas gifts with santa and reindeers
an old advertisement for star frank fire crackers with hotdogs and other foods
Make your holiday picnic gayer! Armour Franks (1951)
Make your holiday picnic gayer! Armour Franks (1951) : vintageads
an old advertisement for gay - olla, the impproed cola drink from it's better
Gay-Ola cola fan ad detail
an album cover for gay continental dance party with walter ostanek and band
vintage advertising: 1950's Art, Jeans, Vintage Childrens Clothing, Vintage Wrangler, Vintage Children, Wrangler
vintage advertising
vintage advertising: 1950's
an old advertisement for cookies with pink and green icing
from Sunset Magazine, 1954
Vintage Ads — LiveJournal Perfume, Beauty Make Up, Lips, Bite Beauty, Red Lipsticks, Beauty Ad, Beauty Advertising
Vintage Ads
Vintage Ads — LiveJournal
a man is holding a dog in his lap with the words, songs for gay dogs
Whacked out album covers vol.3
no explanation needed.
an advertisement for softak's festive cake from the 1950's
an old postcard shows people sitting on the sidewalk in front of a building with red and blue decorations
Gaiety Theatre
Live Entertainment at Clacton Vacation Resort, England
a blue and white container that has some type of food in it's lid
Digital Archives, Indian Head
File Photo0087
an old advertisement for pyrrex givety from england with dishes and fruit on the table
Vintage Kitchenware Advertising - The Pyrex Collector: Information for The Vintage Glass Kitchenware Enthusiast
an advertisement for john - manville's carpet and rugs from the early 1960s
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