HAHAHA omg SO many painful moments!

I LOVED THESE. Those silly rubber "Poppers" that you'd flip inside out, place on a table, and watch it scare the crap out of you when it finally popped and righted itself. Admit it, you flinched every single time.

80's character stamps. I used to have some of these - they never seemed to last very long. Maybe it's because I stamped everything.

6 80's Toy Character Stamps

Toy Character Stamps, omg I so remember these! I had a cabbage patch & a my little pony one~AM~

Mini Piano | 32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

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My favorite thing to do growing up but I had a Barbie one. Classic Toys from the and Loved these!

My family gave this little guy to my dad when he had bypass surgery at Stanford U. Hospital many years ago.

Monchichi- Loved this guy.remember the song. monchichi monchichi I can play atari. there was a cartton of these oo, loved it and used to watch it. not to mention have a few dolls also.


Jumbo Magic Spool Knitting Mushroom mushroom spool knitter, had one of these when I was little!

Medisch Centrum West is een Nederlandse dramaserie van de zender Tros. De serie ging in première op 9 februari 1988.    De afleveringen van deze ziekenhuisserie zaten boordevol drama, liefde en verdriet. Uit het leven gegrepen onderwerpen vormden de leidraad voor de meest succesvolle ziekenhuisserie die op de Nederlandse televisie is vertoond.

Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Medisch Centrum West )

Black Beauty TV series

Judi Bowker, William Lucas, Roderick Shaw and Charlotte Mitchell in The Adventures of Black Beauty,


The new women’s empowerment video “Woman’s World” finds the successful 67 year-old shape shifting into women of various ages, races and.