I had a tiny pair of wooden shoes just like these pinned inside of my wedding dress to represent my Dutch heritage.

Delft Shoes, In the past the Dutch farmers walked on wooden shoes. Some of them still do that, but nowadays most of the people are wearing normal shoes. Nevertheless, a lot of people still think they are wearing wooden shoes every day.

"must be a good book by Aude": Girl reading the book "congo" on the back of a bike | photo by amsterdamcyclechic, via Flickr

"Must be a good book," Dec 2012 © Aude (Photographer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)love this!


Dutch Groningen - Draaiorgel 'De Pronkjewail' - plays calliope-like music and the figures move as the music plays.

Tulp, tulpen, tulip, bloemen, flowers

Spring tulips in wire basket. Great idea - plant in the fall and keep in a dry cool spot over winter watering a couple times a month - and spring comes and put them out on your front porch to greet guests!

The Amsterdam Nesciobrug (Nescio Bridge) is the longest, and probably the neatest cycle bridge in the Netherlands. It was completed in 2006.

15 of World's Best Urban Bike Infrastructures

The Amsterdam Nesciobrug (Nescio Bridge), completed in is the longest bike bridge in the NL.

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Station, Tilburg Netherlands by Carlos Guerra Amaral. I have trouble finding my car in a parking lot. I would be so lost looking for my bike.

Yep, you can bike now. Although to be frank, most Dutchies don't wait for the red bicycle light to go green, and cross the street 'kamikaze style'. It takes an advanced bicycler to do that safely, so don't even think about it! Besides, you're probably in no rush if you're visiting the country, so you can safely wait for the light to go green. #greetingsfromnl

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Draaiboek "Ik hou van Holland"-feest

Delft's Blue, you can buy all kinds of things in Delft's Blue.