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Our 10 favorite photo decor DIYs.

Photo Projects on Display

Mark a horizontal line and hang picture frames or your childrens' art work on either side of the line.perfect for a back hallway

Betoverend subtiel, deze ragfijne muurdecoratie. http://barefootstyling.wordpress.com

I just found that stunning rusted inspiration via vtwonen in the November magazine. loved the wired frames!

trap met fotolijstjes

It is a great idea if you have a stairway or long hallway. I have one whole wall of pictures of my family in my livingroom like this above the piano. Dream Home,For the Home,Home Sweet Home,There's No Place

dit is weer eens wat anders dan fotolijstjes

creative ways to display your photos Want to frame your pictures, but don’t like making holes in your walls? Use the re-attachable wall decal photo frames a HUGE collection of stuff!

Life Pro Tip - Use soda/pop tabs to hang objects. If you don't use them for this purpose, donate them!

Pull Tab Picture Hanger — DIY How-to from Make: Projects. I have so many frames I want to use this on! For the frames I can't put the screw to, I'll use hot glue!