Arnhem 1944

Operation Market Garden, The Battle of Arnhem, Holland 1944 September

Mei 1945

May 1945 World War II. Liberation of Holland. A jeep loaded with celebrating people holding a Dutch flag riding alongside the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’-church to Dam square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Operatie Manna

During the Dutch "Hongerwinter" of some relief was provided by food droppings by allied bombers loaded with food donations from the Swedes. For many it was too late.


Anton Mussert, leader of the Dutch nazi party.

Rotterdam 1940

Holland Rotterdam Bombardment May 14 1940


The arrival of Jews from Berehovo. The Auschwitz Album.

Getto Amsterdam

Jews had to live in Jewish neighborhoods of the Germans. These districts were separated from other neighborhoods. There also lived just Jewish people. Germans would the Jews can be as easy as picking up the time had come.



Radio Oranje

koningin Wilhelmina die Nederland toe sprak via de radio


Otto Frank Talks about a Round-Up - Anne Frank Guide,Jewish round up Amsterdam 1941


Amsterdam, Anne Frank Huis - View of the Bookcase entrance to the Frank's Flat. One of the most humbling and chilling experiences.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank