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four wooden coasters with drawings on them sitting on a table next to some flowers
Lembrança personalizada padrinhos de casamento - unidade | Elo7
a poster with flowers and lettering that says, maybe the end is just the beginning
two greeting cards with hand lettering on them
Mary Kate McDevitt Lettering and Illustration
two book covers with an image of a woman holding a surfboard and the words stick up on future fuel to prevent burn out
Mary Kate McDevitt Lettering and Illustration
a pink card with the words you are with love and an image of a woman sitting on
Hungrily Ever After: Hansel and Gretel Book Cover Art
This is the book cover concept for the 8th piece in Hungrily Ever After, a hand lettering and illustration series that puts a foodie spin on fairy tales. #handlettering #freelanceillustrator #letteringartist #hanselandgretel #fairytaleart #fairytales #bookcoverdesign #bookcoverart #bookcovers #colorfulbooks #rainbowbooks #fairytaleillustration #foodquote
an open book with pink and blue lettering on it, which reads you're just the type
An Introduction to Expressive Lettering
an open book with cartoon characters on the front and back pages, in german language
Hand lettered magazine Layout
This hand-lettered magazine spread was comissioned by Wienerin magazine. The double spread layout featured a full page illustration and hand-lettered headline #editorialdesign #editoriallettering #editorialillustration
an open magazine with images of women's products on the cover and inside pages
Ay yo check out my double page spread in this month's Fro…
Ay yo check out my double page spread in this month's Front magazine...
a woman standing in front of a yellow wall with words written all over her face
Type Affiliated People of Provo Hand Lettering Magazine Cover
a person holding up a book on top of a purple surface
Chut! Editorial Illustration — Belinda | Lettering Artist and Illustrator