A Waterfall in the Hot Tub | 36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

A Waterfall in the Hot Tub

Waterfall around hot tub - Wow. Thomas Quiroga love this waterfall and hot tub and pool, lighting, oh, just everything!

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What are your thoughts on something like this for your storage wall between the middle room and sitting room? (we can design it so that each of the compartments has a particular purpose for your specific objects)

Interieurideeën | Voor ruimtes waar je denkt dat je niks mee kunt doen. Door suzanned

In a home short on storage, builder Todd Best worked hard to provide his client with plenty of cabinet space. This custom sliding storage unit was built into an area of the master bathroom that is normally wasted space.

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another cool way to deal with the vent? an open box without a back? this would make a cool tv wall, need some open/plexi fronts for remote controls tho.