Garden shed; ok so now I need a small wagon so I can have my very own "Gypsy trailer"

Potted plants and a vertical ivy-covered trellis create a lush garden on a patio that's short on space.

An Insanely Chic (and Simple!) Garden Trellis DIY

Faux grass Potted plants and a vertical ivy-covered trellis create a lush garden on a patio that's short on space.


in backyard under oak tree.DIY easy maintenance for shady backyard - level desired lawn area. Place square pavers in checkerboard design. Fill in alternate squares with moss or low-growing mondo grass.

Mobi Electric opvouwbare rolstoel De Mobi electric opvouwbare rolstoel werd ontworpen door Jack Martinich. De rolstoel is stijlvol en handig en bied een alternatief voor de volumineuze elektrische scooters. Deze elektrische rolstoel is voorzien van zelfbalancerende Segway-geïnspireerde technologie. Het ontwerp van de rolstoel werd voorzien van een innovatieve klapmechanisme die het mogelijk maakt om te worden opgevouwen en opgeslagen en vervoerd in een voertuig zonder enige noodzaak voor

Mobi Electric opvouwbare rolstoel

Created by student designer Jack Martinich from Monash University, Australia, the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair is a brand new reinterpretation of what wheelchairs for seniors should look and feel like. Around the world, the aging population that uses


Old_style_Volkswagen_camper_van_by_ladysharkbite.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by corncrawler. Find other Old_style_Volkswagen_camper_van_by_ladysharkbite.

Tuin & Terras | Natuurlijke tipi voor in de tuin

I want something like this, not necessarily a teepee, but a canvas tent or some other space that greenery has grown over! green teepee {a secret gardener}

Microstang, a Mustang with numerous cool gadgets. Made by West Coast Customs and Microsoft.

West Coast Customs took a 2012 Ford Mustang and retrofitted it with a 1967 Mustang fastback replica body. They painted the car matte black, and decked it out with neon blue lights in the grill and around the rims. Love the Neon blue light

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