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there is a cake with white frosting and a dolphin decoration on the top tier
Magical Fairy Party | @BlackTwine + @DeetsandThings — mini style
The most colorful macarons ever! @brookiescookiesco
there is a cake that has been decorated with gingerbread houses and sprinkles
Gingerbread Village Cake
I also experimented with getting that blueish grey shade on the cake. I was thinking about how blueberry powder reacts when I add lemon juice to it – it becomes pink when you add something acidic, so I figured it would become more blue when adding something alkaline. And it totally worked! Feel free to try it if you want, or don’t if you think it sounds weird.
two giraffes and a zebra on top of a white cake with sprinkles
50+ COLORFUL BIRTHDAY CAKE DECORATION - Page 44 of 56 - senbog
a three tiered cake decorated with cityscapes and clouds is on a gold plate
pastry types
a cake with icing on it sitting on a plate next to other small cakes
Hellø Blogzine
a cake with sprinkles on it sitting on a table next to plates
Surprise inside verjaardagstaart Recept | Dr. Oetker
Surprise inside verjaardagstaart recept | Dr. Oetker
a white and black cake with a ribbon on top
For the men in your life!
three ice cream cones topped with cherries on top of a white cake platter
Extreme icecream
zin in ijs?? Gevonden bij
some white flowers are sitting next to each other
Groene minitaartjes
a birthday cake with the number four on it and a dinosaur in the middle is shown
Jongens taarten / Taarten | Delicious-cupcakes-taarten
Dinosaur Cake
a blue birthday cake with a rocket on top