toegepaste kunst, qua uiterlijk natuurlijk een kunstwerkje, maar hij heeft ook een functie: je kan er op zitten!

This unique chair, Called The Silk Chair was designed by Swedish designer Åsa Kärner of Alvi Design. This is eco-friendly furniture with silk thread and oak as a material. A transparent chairs create a new form.

écosystème autonome

I want one of these SO BAD! EcoSphere - inside these sealed glass balls live shrimp, algae, and bacteria, all swimming around in filtered seawater. Put it somewhere with some light and they will self-sustain for years, no feeding or cleaning necessary.

Golf Extra (Autonome).

New master bath tub - comfortable for both of us - and more in our price range

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March is dedicated to peanut butter lover’s around the world who want to spread their love for this creamy crunchy delight on thick! So celebrate your nuttiness by creating and sharing your own peanut butter recipes!