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Gandalf; the epitome of the sage/mentor archetype. His adventures are mysterious and mostly unchronicled, giving him the requisite air of enigma. He wanders about without a home, seeking to do good and set right the world. His friends love and trust him, but do not necessarily understand him. He is wonderful, humorous, knowing, and selfless, wise and kind. Not all who wander are lost.

gandalf, the hobbit an unexpected journey, the hobbit the desolation of smaug, the hobbit the battle of five armies and the lord of the rings the fellowship of the rings. in the others he isn't gandalf the grey anymore

Samwise Gamgee. What an example of an amazing friend! He kept his word till the very end and put up with Frodo even though Frodo treated him like crap most of the time. Great friend....great character.

Middle-earth: Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin), "The Lord of the Rings." the best example of a friend. Truly one of the best characters and actors in this movie. Or Legolas.

Arwen Undómiel -(Evenstar) was born in the year TA 241, as the last child of the Elf-Lord, Elrond Peredhel and Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn

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Goede blik op Legolas' gezicht

Orlando Bloom as Legolas. It's just not right for a guy to be this pretty. Orlando Bloom is not the dream guy, Legolas is. Once Orlando Bloom becomes an elf in reality, I would much rather live in a fantasy believing that Legolas is real.