This is a great first day/week activity for getting to know students, and they will love it because it involves candy! They randomly choose an M out of the bag, depending on the color they choose they will answer a question about themselves. If some students do not like chocolate you could use Skittles instead. 0642

The M&M Game

DIY board game printables

This looked fun! DIY board game printables - have students make games based on short stories - can use plot chart to decide on achievements

Le jeu de feu pétillant Pour Le PRESCOLAIRE

The vibrant fire game for toddlers, game board,, the sparkling fire game for preschool (Dutch and English), free printable.

Smart formuleren

There's a better example of eye patterns here: I agree that wasn't one of the best demo's.

OT Skills Checklists - These informal assessment checklists provide a valuable record for documenting a child’s progress in a variety of performance areas. These resources will help a therapist verify and compare a child’s development in functional areas.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy treatment plans, intervention materials, assessments, consultation tools, and resources that target specific performance areas for children.

Studio McGee | Friday Inspiration: Our Top Pinned Images This Week

Friday Inspiration: Our Top Pinned Images This Week