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HOW BEAUTIFUL ! It snowed today and our magnificent animal friends came out to explore our back yard~~~ we saw a awesome red fox, the lovely deer family that have their den in the back of our property and we think a bob cat in the distance by the po

Leucistic blackbird by Exifia

A trophy mount from a leucistic female blackbird. Only the head contained white feathers.

Skwurl = squirrel, de naamgever van onze stoere steigerhouten kinderbedden. SKWURL steigerhouten kinderbedden. De leukste kinderbedden voor de kinderkamer. Bedtijd is nog nooit zo leuk geweest!

'Red Squirrel On A Branch' ~Duncan Shaw. Red Squirrels, an endangered species, are our native squirrel here in The British Isles.When a group of American Grey Squirrels were brought here, they took over & nearly wiped out our beloved, tufted-eared red spe

Bone Bow Chocker by Exifia

A white chocker with a bow made from little bones. In the middle is a piece of pyrite placed.

Daisy cottage                                                       …

Animals that Start With D - (Dormouse) This small and cute creature belongs to the rodent family and was found in Europe. 29 species of this mouse are present worldwide and are mostly known for the long periods of hibernation in the cold months.