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What did women wear in the 1940s? Dresses, blouses, pants, shoes, swimsuits, and jeewelry all with a unique 1940s style. Learn more about 1940s fashion now

1940s Fashion: What Did Women Wear in the 1940s?

How to dress in early and late style clothing. Start with an A line or pinup wiggle dress and add chunky heels, a hat or hair flower, gloves and seamed stockings. Shop style clothes at

New women's hats inspired by 1940s hat fashions. Fedora, turban, beret, felt hats, and fascinators. Find these and more at VintageDancer.com

Vintage Inspired 1940s Style Hats for Ladies

New women's hats inspired by hat fashions. Fedora, turban, beret, felt hats, and fascinators.

Nos anos 40 entramos num período de guerra no qual houve a escassez de produtos e as pessoas foram incentivadas a deixar a moda mais racional a reciclando roupa e fazendo-a em casa para uma melhor economia. Em tempos de guerra a moda passa a ser algo necessário e menos ostensivo. A silhueta era estreita e marcada. As saias eram retas com pregas invertidas para facilitar o movimento.

Women's 1940s Victory Suits and Utility Suits

The most iconic look of war-time was the two-piece women’s suit. In the United States, it was patriotically called the victory suit. In Britain it was the utility suit.

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This Sunday I have denim. Well, the time of the mid to mid Chicago Mail order 1935 Montgomery Wards 1935 .

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New 1940s Shoes: Wedge, Slingback, Oxford, Peep Toe

Green ones for Ana, yellow ones for Violet, black ones for Dottie, blue ones for Angie, bordeaux ones for Peggy.

style through the years - be good to take out with me to the vintage/charity shops for guidance. Thinking first off I'd like to do evening wear as it is 'Glamour' after all.

page from John Peacocks Century Fashion, gives a clear guide to how the silhouette developed in the first half of the