artwork inspiration:  Zentangle hummingbird ... notan: positive / negative space ... doodle fills ...

Positive and negative shapes. My Zentangle hummingbird. This is an example for my students' project. This can be use for several concepts: positive / negative space, reflection, line and shape, etc. I did this project with my grade students.

Wayne Thiebaud inspired. Form, shading, texture. Experiment with different media.

Well, I could say that the reason for making doughnut art is to practice tinting and shading to create the illusion of depth; or I coul.

6th Grade Grid Superhero Drawings

6th Grade Grid Superhero Drawings (Exploring Art: Elementary Art)

6th Grade Roy Lichtenstein Self Portraits

6th Grade Roy Lichtenstein Self Portraits (Exploring Art: Elementary Art)

For the Love of Art: Fall  van Gogh Autumn Landscape

Grade: Van Gogh Autumn Landscapes - chalk for the base of the hills and the sky. Oil crayons on the second day to add the lines, sun and trees.

Art Teacher in LA | K-6th grade Art Lessons

Grade Wax Resist Fall Leaves: warm color oil pastels and cool color bleeding tissue paper - wonder if it would work laying down fallen leaves and adding torn paper over?

greek vases in paper mache

Papier Mache Greek Vases in Grade Seven