Pranayam 1 - Anulom-Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Brahmari, Nadi Shuddhi, Agnisara

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In such situations, breathing exercises can help us immensely in restoring ... Check out the top 10 breathing technique for relaxation that are ...

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Every singer knows how important breathing is for singing but only a few devote their time to developing controlled breath support. Read more here:

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Find out How Changing Your Breathing Can Change Your Life . For thousands of years, the yogic practice of pranayama (Sanskrit for “extension of the life-force”) has been used as a method geared towards reducing stress and healing the body and mind through targeted breathing exercises. Check out the infographic below for seven health benefits of focusing on your breathing.

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Breathing Exercises :Breathing exercises are a wonderful way to relax the body, mind, and soul. They are considered a safe way to get relief from headaches. Here are the top 10 breathing exercises you can try to be free of that all encompassing pain

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Finding time to unwind ain’t always easy. Good news is, the remedy could be just a few breaths away. Read on for the best expert-approved breathing techniques to help de-stress in no time at all. Over-worked, under-slept, and feeling the pressure like whoa? Read more....kur spa

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The Beginner's Guide to Pranayama #Meditation #Mindfulness #Yoga

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Best Butt Workout by Kama Fitness

Best Butt Workout by Kama Fitness

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Ademhalingstechnieken voor gezondheid en minder stress

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