Perhaps the most iconic National Geographic photo, Steve McCurry snapped this picture of an Afghan girl in a Pakistan refugee camp in 1984. ...

The Most Iconic Photographs From National Geographic's 125-Year History

Did you know? Steve McCurry's iconic photograph of a young Afghan girl in a Pakistan refugee camp appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine's June 1985 issue and became the most famous cover image in the magazine's history

Love this photo: Sharbat Gula (born ca. 1972) is an Afghan woman who was the subject of a famous photograph by journalist Steve McCurry. Gula was living as a refugee in Pakistan during the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when she was photographed. The image was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time she was about 12 years old. Gula was known throughout the world simply as "the Afghan Girl" until she was identified in early 2002.

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Journalist Steve McCurry's iconic photograph of an orphaned Pashtun Afghan girl old Sharbat Gula) taken in December 1984 in the Nasir Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan. The photograph is popularly known also as "the Afghan Mona Lisa.

The Afghan Girl - OMG.  She had the most beautifully haunting eyes.  I wish her life was not fraught with hardships.  I know that NG had a hard time getting permission to photograph her again....

The Afghan Girl

The 'Afghan Girl'. Her Iconic Photo Appeared On The Cover Of National Geographic In Her Piercing Sea-Green Eyes - Became A Symbol Both Of The Afghan Conflict & Of The Refugee Situation Worldwide. She Was Finally Found & Rephotographed In

steve mccurry portrait

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This famous Steve McCurry photograph of Sharbat Gula, a young Afghan girl, that adorned the cover of National Geographic magazine and went on to become one of the most famous faces in the world.

Iconic 'Afghan girl' image was almost cut, photographer reveals

Steve McCurry's Most Beautiful and Powerful Photo Stories - Sharbat Gula, The Afghan Girl, in Nasir Bagh refuge camp near Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984 - mymodernmet

Afghan girl, She looks like me, when I was a kid.

If she were my daughter, I would look at her face every day and try to be a good father and a better man, knowing that God would be looking back at me through those beautiful, innocent eyes

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'The face is the portrait of the mind; the eyes, its informers'. Ginny Greenteeth

You can read the expressions on the two children behind the girl with the green eyes."What's so special about her? Green eye color is the most rare eye color-estimated only of the worlds population have green eyes.

she is featured on the cover of a natural geographic magazine from years ago  love this.  afghan girl with green eyes

sxulfully: Faces from Afghanistan - every face with a story Afghans have the most beautiful eyes, MashaAllah.

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Afghan Women are beautiful: a collection of Other ideas to try .

National Geographic's famous photo of Sharbat Gula from Afghanistan. Her eyes tell more about the war than any words ever could.

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Afghan Girl “Green Eyes” project, by National Geographic can be found here. Date: Photographer: Steve McCurry, National Geographic.

This famous Steve McCurry photograph of a young Afghan girl that adorned the cover of National Geographic magazine

The Young Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry