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Children Picking Cotton, Alabama c. 1920's


New York: Tenement family in the kitchen 1915. WOW and we complain everyday. We have no clue!


A farm child whose family resettled on the Bosque Farms project in New Mexico. Photograph by Dorothea Lange, 1935

African American Boy, approximately 7 years old, working carrying 25 lb. bags of flour from wagon to stores, making 25 cents a week. Wilmington, Delaware1910


Children who worked in a Cotton Mill in Pell City, Alabama - 1910 - They were probably robbed of their childhood - look at their faces.


Druella Jones or "Aunt Jonas," Alabama, 1915 age 94. "She and two others were the only old slaves I found who were not loyal to their owners. During the [civil] war she tried to burn her master's house"

A.D.T. Boys, 'They all smokes,' Birmingham, Alabama, by Lewis Wickes Hine 1910

Lewis W. Hine, 5-year old Harold Walker picking cotton, 1916


"Little Fannie, 7 years old, 48 inches high, helps sister in Elk Mills. Her sister (in photo) said, "Yes, she he'ps me right smart. Not all day but all she can. Yes, she started with me at six this mornin'" Fayetteville, Tennessee" Lewis Wickes Hine, 1910


Awakening from Keto-acidosis: The scientists went to a hospital ward with diabetic children, comatose and dying from diabetic keto-acidosis. This is known as one of medicine's most incredible moments. The scientists went from bed-to-bed and injected the children with the purified extract - insulin. As they injected the last comatose child, the first child injected began to awaken. One by one, all the children awoke from their diabetic comas. A room of death became a place of joy and hope.