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For a recent assignment, Sydney-based photographer Toby Dixon created these two awesome split personality portraits not with fancy Photoshop but with the help of two talented friends. Monique Moynihan, who was in charge of styling and Budi, who handled make-up, transformed a man and a woman each into two distinct halves.

Awesome Split Personality Portraits Through Clever Styling (Not Photoshop)

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This shot is a simple but VERY creative shot. Monique is a well known comedian that is always smiling and laughing but this shot says to me "I'm all smiles on the surface but there is so much more beneath" (Photo by Derek Blanks)
Last-Minute Halloween: Channel Your Alter Ego

Last-Minute Halloween: Channel Your Alter Ego

great alter ego photo inspiration....Vogue 1938 #ValoralaDiversidad #CreatividadsinLimites #PlateiaColombia…
Catwoman's Superpower Comic
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