A rescued baby orangutan - photo © Orangutan Foundation International

A rescued baby orangutan - photo © Orangutan Foundation International- if we would stop slashing the forests, we wouldn't have to RESCUE them.

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The Palm Oil Action Group is a collective of Non Government Organisations concerned about oil palm plantation development and the associated deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

How to Get Enough Protein Eating Meat, Dairy, Soy and Gluten-Free

How to Get Enough Protein Eating Meat, Dairy, Soy and Gluten-Free

Nature Photography, BABY ORANGUTAN PLAYING with Mom Photo- 8 X 12 Print - Baby Animal Photograph, Nursery Art, Jungle Zoo, Monkey, Cute. $25.00, via Etsy.

Orangutan mother and playful baby, photo by Suzi Eszterhas Daily Awww: Whats better than cute animal pics? Hi res ones HQ photos) Baby h.

Orangutan babies suck their thumb for comfort much like human babies

Baby Monkey

There's no doubt that we all have a soft spot in our hearts for animals. Most of us will try our hardest to make them happy whenever we see one, but it's usually to no avail. But here, for your viewing pleasure, we've collected the cutest ever pictures of smiling animals. Your day is guaranteed to get better after you see these happy little guys!

I love looking at baby monkey picture gives me calm and peaceful feeling. There is emotional attachment I wish I could take care of One.

orangutan    http://cambreenotes.com/support-sustainable-palm-oil/

SELFIE ( nothing orang / wrong with taking that ! ) This is the rarest of things, = a beautiful ginger

A barrel of monkeys...actually they are orangutans & so very cute!!!

Baby Monkey

Here's A Wheelbarrow Of Rescued Baby Orangutans On Their Way To Orangutan School