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20 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Postpartum

Photo courtesy Gerber Oh my cuteness! Seven-month-old Grace, from East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, was crowned the 2015 Gerber Baby on Wednesday, beating out more than other little ones for the title.

Sweet Dreams***Beautiful smile... | cute

20 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Single People

Precious little guy smiling in his sleep. I wonder what great things he's dreaming of. things that we've forgotten, perhaps?

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Popular Cute Girl Names For 2014

Adorable Smile Picture from babies. What an adorable smile, it seems almost unreal; as it the picture has been manipulated. it is just too sweet, it is real?

Awww...Having a bad day? Look at this. There is no way you could walk away without a smile!

22 Vintage baby names for boys that are cool again

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Your Baby's Sleep Cheat Sheet

love the quote! Change up the design & put in a beautiful gold embellished frame to put in baby nursery!

Babies smile in their sleep because they're listening to the whispering of Angels. I love when Charley smiles in her sleep :)

sweet dreams little one

Baby Girl Names 2014: Chic & Trendy Ideas

Dreaming smile -one of my all time favorite things about newborn babies. I always believed that "dreaming smiles" was they went back to heaven in their dreams, just to pop in and say hi to their angel friends and God.


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Newborn baby poops on his father's arm during tender b&w photoshoot

10 Photoshoots Gone Terribly Wrong

Newborn baby poops on his father's arm during tender b&w photoshoot - the smile on the baby's face in the second photo

Baby Girl

That moment when your Baby Girl grins in her sleep (smell something?

no words! :) so cute, normally these moments aren't captured. I hope I can get pictures like this when I get married with babies

Can't wait to see your smile From mommy To my future baby babe

My main reason for choosing to get healthy - I really really really want one of these

Adorable Vegan Babies (Photos)

Adorable vegan babies from PETA staffers :) kid boy Baby girl kid

Cute overload!

Baby Names 2014 - Top Girl Names & Meanings

Babies are the only thing that can make me squeal from cuteness. If there is ever a cute baby in the same room as me, I need to touch it. I will try and make he/she smile from the other side of the room. My mother and I go crazy when we see babies.

Love this shot :)

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