Baked Cheesy Zucchini Bites

These baked cheesy zucchini bites are a healthier zucchini fritter without sacrificing any flavor.

I have had a taste for fried zucchini over the last several days, so today I tried my hand a making a baked version of this popular appetizer and I must say it was mighty good!  To be honest, I could not tell the difference between this baked version and the fried version that you …

The Cottage Home: Baked Breaded Zucchini (I used fresh zucchini baked in a mini convection oven 425 deg. each side)- "Man Tested " Recipe!

Baked Breaded Zucchini Roll-Ups - An Italian in my Kitchen

Baked Breaded Zucchini Roll-Ups - An Italian in my Kitchen

Baked Breaded Zucchini Chips

Panko bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese combine turn zucchini slices into crisp, golden brown chips--perfect for a healthy appetizer or side dish.

This is my favorite zucchini recipe! Can never go wrong with garlic and Parmesan! :)

Baked Parmesan Garlic Zucchini

Vegan breaded baked zucchini chips

Oven-Baked Vegan Zucchini Chips

Oven-baked breaded zucchini chips for vegans - they're low-fat, dairy-free, egg-free and not fried. Here's an easy way to make breaded and oven-baked zucchini chips without milk or eggs.

Zucchini and Tomato Focaccia Bread | | #focaccia #zucchini #bread #baking

Zucchini and Tomato Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread topped with zucchini, tomatoes and black olives make a super scrumptious bread.

Happy Herbivore Breaded Zucchini Sticks

Breaded Zucchini Sticks

Breaded Zucchini Sticks - adapted shopping list: zucchini, whole wheat bread crumbs, vegan parmesan (try nutritional yeast instead), garlic powder, nondairy milk - Happy Herbivore & recommended Engine 2

Breaded Eggplant & Zucchini Pasta w/ Homemade Chive-Basil Pesto

The fall has begun to roll in and the garden veggies just keep on coming. It is kind of nice hardly ever having to go to the grocery store. Instead, I get to walk into my garden and look around for…

Paleo Breaded Zucchini      1 extra large zucchini (or 2 medium sized zucchini)      Oil of choice. (Coconut, Grapeseed or olive oil that tolerates high heat). Combine:      3 T potato starch      3/4 cup milk  In 2nd bowl combine:      1 1/2 cups almond flour, packed     1/2 cup starch      1 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder     1 teaspoon salt     3 teaspoon parsley     1-2 teaspoon black pepper, to taste

Paleo Breaded Zucchini (Gluten/Grain/Egg/Dairy Free) - love frying stuff in almond meal.

Baked Zucchini Sticks (vegan)

Zucchini and I generally don't get along. I hate it raw, because it has a funny texture.

Cranberry Zucchini And Walnut Bread

Cranberry Zucchini And Walnut Bread