Bam Margera ♥ before he turned into a sloppy overweight druggie drunk

Bam Margera ♥ those who know me. know i love me some Bam (: mmm!

Ryan and Bam. Besties. This is sad and sweet at the same time <3 Lovelovelove this shot.

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Love bam and Ryan,devastated along with so many others when Ryan Dunn lost his life last year in a tragic car accident. This is from a really funny scene in Jackass 3 when Bam pos chair kept breaking.

Bam Margera- I admire the friendships he had with people . It was genuine and real .

He was my crush when i was younger, my older sister would let me watch Viva La Bam with her late at night. Love this sexy badass! Stevo came 2 Kauai, where were You dangit! Badass is rite

Bam Margera

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An entry from OceanwardandSomber

An entry from OceanwardandSomber

keep calm and be bam margera

Watching reruns of viva la bam makes me realize that the ed there would be super busy

I wish I worked for DickHouse productions sometimes :/

Bam Margera Photo Gallery - Pictures of Pro Skater Bam Margera

Bam Margera Photo Gallery - Pictures of Pro Skater Bam Margera, of Viva la Bam and Jackass on MTV. Bam Margera is one of the most famous pro skaters there is - check out these pictures and photos of Bam in this Bam Margera Photo Gallery.

Bam Margera is skating again.

Bam Margera is skating again.