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Above are some quick tips to improve handles. If you want to be an all-star or well-rounded basketball player, practicing helps perfect skills.

Workout while watching basketball... Or not watching basketball. Maybe just in those moments when all you can muster is 20 jumping jacks.

Score Some Steps While Watching Basketball

Workout while watching basketball. Or not watching basketball. Maybe just in those moments when all you can muster is 20 jumping jacks.

gotta suck it up and do it!

Detox & Cleansing Tips

A daily plan for us to do to get us into shape for your wedding. I feel that we need to make time for this as it will make us feel better love you!

Basketball Ab workout- a fun way to change up your usual plank workout triorbust.wordpress.com

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Basketball Drills for Kids by Hall of Fame Coach Houle Basketball FOOTWORK DRILLS Resource

Week 6 - Basketball - The basketball FOOTWORK DRILLS resource covers the fundamentals and offer what to look for in basketball footwork drills and a variety of drills (READ MORE)

Looking to relieve the glory days of when you were an athlete? This basketball inspired workout will take you back all well getting you in shape.

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Come on Gina let's start this tomorrow!!!! PLANK CHALLENGE- Looks easy, let's see how this works out

shall i even attempt to try this 30 day PLANK challenge? yeah i put plank in all caps cause it's that brutal to me.

5 Essential Basketball Moves | @Piktochart Infographic

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Love the cardio and core combination on this workout! For defined abs you gotta bring in the cardio (Thursday)

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