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If you’re looking for a fun, effective, low-impact workout that will build stamina, enhance flexibility, and improve your cardiovascular well-being, look no more. This gentle and effective dance is not only exciting to learn; it’s also a great workout. Bellydance strengthens your core muscles gracefully, giving you new confidence in your body’s natural sway and movement. These popular dance steps have been embraced by women of all ages everywhere.

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Post-Workout Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

Post-Workout Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss (and prevents muscle gain!)


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Saturday Night Pinterest Motivation! Feeling down because I haven't been able to workout the last couple days, so I'm using Pinterest to give me a little visual motivation until I can get back into the gym!


Stacey Nemour You understand what martial arts can do for you when Kung Fu Black Belt Stacey Nemour walks in the room. Standing at 5’8”, this beautiful and confident blonde has a reputation in martial arts circles that is second to none. She has been showcased in cover stories for such notable publications as Inside Kung Fu and Brazil’s Kiai, as well as prominent features in Masters of Kung Fu and Inside Martial Arts magazines.


# The pull-up is the best way to work the biggest muscle group in your upper body: your m.latissimus dorsi, it’s also one of the greatest muscle building exercises in existence, which is precisely why it’s been called the upper body squat. # It will help you a lot to increase your core strength (like deep squats or deadlift). # If you have problems with your grip strength, then start doing pull-ups, it will give you an extra power boost to your under arms

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Aloe Vera Plant Leaves Burns Herb Fresh Natural Two Pounds Organic

Aloe Vera Can be Used As A Reducing Agent Wrinkles Aloe Vera has been touted as a miracle plant for years. You can heal burns! It can prevent sun damage! You can prevent dandruff and hair loss! You can also heal scrapes, burns and insect bites. But you can reduce or eliminate wrinkles? We'll, call it a miracle plant.


It's been proven that lifting weights helps your body to shed pounds faster. Building muscle raises the amount of energy your body is using while at rest, which means you're gaining tone and burning fat! It might seem strange to do a bicep curl or bench press to lose weight, but it works. A scientific study found that women who lifted weights lost around 15% more fat in the abdominal section over those that did not.