Just great!  This is a Black Beauty but it doesn't mean it's vicious!  Get educated!

All black german shepherd :) if I can't have an all black cat I'll get me one of these.<<<<wtf that's no ordinary "black German shepherd" that's SIRIUS F-ING BLACK RIGHT THERE

Belgian Shepard Dogs...beautiful.

Like all Belgium Shepherd Dogs, the Groenendael is a medium-sized, hard-working, square-proportioned breed of dog in the sheepdog family. The Groenendael is recognized by its distinctive black coat.

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Belgian Malinois, apparently the gene that causes the black mask (common to Pugs, Mastiffs, Danes, GSDs and Belgian Shepherds) has a quirk that extends the dark/sooty markings to all the extremities (vaguely similar to Siamese cats)

Groenendael with a PERFECT coat! I love his thick mane like fur, so gorgeous.

Groenendael Belgian Shepherd with a PERFECT coat! I love his thick mane like fur, so gorgeous.

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Post with 1763 votes and 415517 views. Baby Tervuren looks like a cross between a wolf and a fox

Oud Duitse Herder (I'm pinning this in my GSD Board because I don't understand the language.

German Shepherds have always been my favorite dog breed. So Here Are 10 Facts German Shepherd Lovers Must Always Remember The last one made me cry