Elementary AMC: What's the Question - Tried it Tuesday

What's the Question - Tried it Tuesday

Question and Answer board ~ post the answer and have students write a word problem to match. Students do any operation or even 2 step problems. Option: have students check each other's questions.

Cute game or center! Maybe use with word wall?

The third grade classes loved it.and so did my fifth grade small group. Laminate them and place them in a basket with expo markers.

One Stop Teacher Shop - Teaching Resources for Upper Elementary: Using "Quotes" in the Classroom!

Using Quotes in the Classroom

Bell work--analysis--Classroom quotes can help your students become critical thinkers. Here is a fun idea for using quotes in the classroom. The Free activity is my students' favorite!

Whiteboard warmup

Ticket Tuesday- if you had a ticket that could be anything you wanted, what would it be for? A concert, plane ticket somewhere?


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