Perfect! Find a home for every piece of paper that you need/want to file away. Via A Space for Living

3 Steps to Organized Files

Simplify and Organize Your Personal Reference Files //

{the weekend organizer} creating simplified + organized personal reference files

Filing System Organization "Zones" -  A Bowl Full of Lemons
This guide can help you sort through the stack of documents, receipts and other papers that have piled up. Learn what to keep and what to trash.
It's almost the New Year and time to get organized! Check out these 10 organizing printables for the New Year to get your year started off right.

DIY-ify: 10 Organizing Printables for the New Year!

Mint green and baby pink?! Two of our favorite colors!!!

Step Inside Monica Wang's Bright Bohemian Home

Hi friends! I hope y’all had a mah-valous weekend.  Mine consisted of lots of organizing, which feels amazing in the end, but throughout the process you start to think you’d much rather just throw everything away than deal with sorting it all. (Ya feel me?) After organizing our coat closet though, I really can’t quit!Read more

Organizing the Most Thorough Home Office Filing System

Family File Categories- Color-coded for visual people like me! I love this system!

Family File Organization

I recently tackled a major home filing system overhaul. It was a big project (and it’s not quite done), but I’m so glad to have it completed. Step One: Gather Papers The first step for me of gathering all the papers I needed to file was actually super easy. At the beginning of last year, …

How to Organize Files