The Bird of Paradise ( Strelitzia Reginae) is greatly admired for the exotic flowers, although they also make excellent houseplants.

Bird of paradise flower - plant. May in summer on the terrace. The bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae) is admired for its exotic flowers. The graceful, orange bracts with 2 or 3 blue petals are like a mohawk on the green leaf.

May the--Bird of Paradise--fly up your nose...may an elephant caress you with his toes, yep

Six-wired bird of paradise (Parotia lawesii), Papua New Guinea - by Nick Hobgood

Colorful birds - Raggiania bird-of-paradise

Colorful birds - Raggiania bird-of-paradise. This was another bird whose feathers were well sought after as accessories for women's hats at the turn of last century.

Bird-of-Paradise Flower-head [Inflorescence]: Strelitzia [Family:  Strelitziaceae]

: : flora : : Bird of Paradise Flower, Strelitzia. It belongs to the plant family Strelitziaceae.

Bird of Paradise - I have one in my yard.                                                                                                                                                      More

The Bird of Paradise flower (Strelitzia Reginae) was named after Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom, an amateur botanist.

Central Asían paradise flycatcher

Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) is a medium-sized passerine bird native to Asia. Males have elongated central tail feathers, and in some populations a black and rufous plumage while others have white plumage.

Courtship poses of the Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea raggiana) accent the long red flank plumes. (Tim Laman/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)

‘Birds of Paradise’ at the National Geographic Museum

Courtship pose of the Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea raggiana). He accents his long red flank plumes. This breed is found in southern and northeastern New Guinea. (photo by Tim Laman)

Birds of Paradise - Jungle boogie! Wildlife photos show that animals can give us humans some pointers on busting the best dancefloor moves.

Jungle boogie! Wildlife photos show that animals can give us humans some pointers on busting the best dancefloor moves

Raggiana Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise, also known as Count Raggi's Bird-of-paradise, is distributed widely in southern and northeastern New Guinea, where its name is Kumul. The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise is the national bird of Papua New Guinea.

King of Saxony Bird of Paradise. The male's ornamental head plumes are so bizarre that, when the first specimen was brought to Europe, it was thought to be a fake!

animals science King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise Pteridophora alberti King of Saxony

The blue bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea rudolphi) is regarded by some ornithologists as the loveliest of all birds.

Blue Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rudolphi) male performing inverted display in the Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.