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{diy} How to Make a Personalized Plate

Cute birthday plate! :-)  Handmade: Colorful tableware | creamylife blog

I wanna make a plate like this that we start using with Raylyn on all special days (birthdays, good report cards, etc.

Birthday plates - must make or buy one to start a new tradition in the new house

I know Aedriel- the creator of these, and if we want to create a signature plate we might be able to talk to her and see what we can do! Might be a fun and unique "staple" product that really ties into our name and meaning

birthday plate - might diy something like this.

Happy Birthday Plates: Happy Birthday Plates make a wonderful birthday gift especially for baby's first birthday, that can be used every single year again and again.

another birthday plate

Personalized Birthday Plate - Hand Painted Birthday Plate - Pink and Green Colorful Cupcake

I grew up with a "special plate." Any time someone in the family did something special..they got to eat off of the special plate.

A "special plate." Any time someone in the family does something special they get to eat off of the special plate. Another good one is a birthday plate

The Birthday Plate, a fun party tradition for celebration in your family .

The Birthday Plate Tradition

These 20 meaningful birthday traditions should give you wonderful resources that bring intentionality into the home as you watch your child reach the next milestone.

I've been wanting to buy one of these for forever!!! Totally making them. You use carbon paper, porcelain pen and bake. Adorable!

{diy} How to Make a Personalized Plate

CUSTOM:  "I am special today!" "Grayson" OR "Celebrate!" "Grayson" NO orange.  Red, blue, black, yellow, green...lots of stars, balloons, dots, etc. See other designs for more inspiration

Family Special Day or Birthday Plate - Colorful Personalized 10 Inch Ceramic Special Day Plate