avengers birthday scenario | LET’S PLAY A GAME: Avengers Birthday Scenario Game | B for Bel

Best friends with Hawkeye. Cool, but can I change my birthmonth to August, please?<<< mine is first kiss stolen by loki, love my birthday :D

[Birthday Scenario Game | Know Your Meme. I am a Queen with the power to control Fire and a dashing rogue as my companion!

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What is your fantasy alter ego? I am a seer that can control fire and is accompanied by a warrior maiden. I like it :)< monk with the power of flouting orbs and my best friend the smiling Pirate!

But that's April fools day so really it's all a contradiction and you aren't best friends with this so called "best friend." And basically you're whole life is a lie.

Birthdays Mine is: Replace the human population with Winnie the Pooh!>>> Creates Clons of Chuck Norris

Hahaha hahaha. Jeff is my new parent!!!!!

So in my Creepypasta Birthday Scenario, Feb "Jeff the Killer tucks me into bed"

naruto, soul, anime

Freshly baked meme for you

I would have eds alchemy powers and I'd be friends with Yuuki Asuna :D<<<I have blue flames and I'm best friends with Yuno Gasai.>>> Dragon Magic and Alucard. I'm very happy with dragon magic, but I'm unfamiliar with Alucard.

Birthday scenario. I love kissing a Llama because i love being naked... Dude, what is the problem with me? XD

Birthday scenarios

I love kissing Iron Man because I needed to. That's my reason for everything tho! Just replace "Iron Man" with any noun for me & we're all golden~!

I take over the world with Captain Jack Sparrow.I can get with that.

Stuck on an island with Walt Disney-----Mine doesn't work. You can't kill Captain Jack Sparrow <------ I can't be enemies with Harry Potter!<----OMG YES I'm best friends with.the Doctor!

anime Birthday Scenario Game | Kuroshitsuji Birthday Scenario Game by Shannah67 on deviantART

Kuroshitsuji Birthday Scenario Game>> handcuffed for life to snake aww yay I love snake :D

Super Hero Birthday Scenario Game - Sidekick to Batman with the power to warp reality, call me Green Warp.

Super Hero Birthday Scenario Game - Sidekick to Batman with the power to warp reality, call me Green Warp.<< sidekick to wolverine, my name is red super speed.

The Master showers with me erotically... WHAT.<<< Loki trades you for a pet duck erotically.

Agent Smith has been stalking me and then goes on a crazy killing spree in my name. I think I just won every birthday senario game ever.