A horse coat color pattern characterized by an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the body, while the head and "points"—lower legs, mane and tail—are more solid-colored. ~ (Blue roan is my second favorite coat coloring.

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Quarter Horse stallion My Final Notice. Black roan (also called blue roan)

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This looks just like the stud colt we bred out jewl to I can't wait to see what the baby will look like!

Beverly Hills Equestrian Center Ricochet for SALE hh, Color: Blue Roan, Breed: Welsh pony cross, Temperament from one to ten: Displine: Hunters, equitation

(Because horses can be characters too) - Reverse dapple blue roan horse - Murgese stallion

Beautiful blue roan

Mecom Blue, I love this Quarter Horse Stallion, stunning blue roan, I absolutely love this color, and grullos