Black Bear Body Pillow. He'd look perfect on my bed next to his "little brother" which I already own.

Snuggle up with our bear hug body pillow. This large plush black bear looks like a lifesize bear cub. This is a sweet black bear body pillow everyone can love.

Giant Carrot Body Pillow - 4 Foot Long Stuffed Carrot for Loneliness

Jumbo Jibbles is clearing space for new Fall stuff and lots of never-before-seen items will be in the shop. Carrot Pillow Giant 4 Foot Long Body Pillow for Loneliness

Ideal para tú embarazo

DIY Body Pillow Contours To Your Shape

Body Pillow Contours to your shape. Perfect for those who find it hard to get comfortable or are pregnant.

Cheap Body Pillow - Plush Body Pillow - Steel Gray - Quality Body Pillows

The Plush Body Pillow - Steel Gray will be a great addition to already soft bedding. Quality bedding should include more than sheets and comforters. Add a body pillow for cheap to make a comfy bed. Quality body pillows are found in online bedding stores.

Soft, machine washable and PIMP TASTIC - this faux fur body pillow cover is the reason god made body pillows.

Faux Fur Body Pillow Cover Gray - Room Essentials™

The Big One® 2-pack Body Pillow Cover

Keep your body pillow looking fun and comfy with this The Big One® body pillow cover.

DIY Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow. Seriously saved my sleep during the second and third trimester!!

DIY Maternity Pillow

DIY Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow----- Bahahaha I feel bad for the daddy, where does he sleep? That thing takes up the whole bed

BODY PILLOW = FOR THE KIDS   -- SHOW LILY THIS PHOTO...   -- Does She Want: (1) This Type?, (2) A Single-Sided Pillow w/ No Headrest?, or (3) A Modification of this Type w/ the Top being Detachable / Re-attachable (via Velcro-stripes or Ties)?   -- FABRIC: Need a Soft Fabric that Stays Cool but, Also Strong/Thick enough to Hold Stitches in Place w/ the Stretching, Pulling, etc that'll come w/ Regular Use

Ёськины находки

Cradle yourself in complete comfort from head to toe. The #Comfort-U Body #Pillow was designed by Jean Kelly, RN when she was diagnosed with firbromylagia – an ailment that causes chronic joint and muscle pain.

The Total Body Support Pillow

BACKORDERED Giant Carrot Body Pillow  4 Foot Long by jumbojibbles on Etsy!  I had to pin this...all I want is a few carrots!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Giant Carrot Body Pillow - 4 Foot Long Stuffed Carrot for Loneliness - Easter Rabbit Costume Prop

Learn how to sew a body pillow cover with this easy body pillowcase DIY. You can make a body pillow cover in less than one hour, and make a custom bed set.

Body Pillow Cover