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8 Exercises That Help You Rock Your LBD

The Dwayne Johnson chest workout builds The Rock’s massive upper body. Johnson detailed his workout routine for the movie Pain & Gain via Twitter and Instagram. The Rock’s trainer, George Farah, also talked about the exercises they did together. The Rock’s chest workout is illustrated below. For Pain & Gain, Dwayne Johnson wanted to be
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22 Leg Workouts You Must Be Already Doing to Rock Your Jeans Shorts ...

strong upper body superset workout. back, biceps, shoulders, chest, and triceps. perfect to strengthen and tone your upper body |

strong upper body superset workout with supernola

Kettlebell workout - at home workout using a stability ball and a kettlebell

The Kettlebell Rock & Oh, Hey Girl! Link-Up!

HIIT the Stairs! Find a set of stairs and get to WORK! Repeat this circuit 2-3 times, depending on your fitness level, for a full body workout!

HIIT the Stairs

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A 10 Minute Ab Workout from Fitstar to Rock Your Core

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