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** BOMBAY CAT: " We wuz de ones bred to resemble mini- panthersl Sleek andz well- muscled; we kin body slam an adversary betters den your average kitteh.

Bombay cat information, facts, pictures and, busy and vocal with a deep unique purr and open heart that welcomes the company of cats, dogs and most especially children

(^q^) Black kitty tongue! So cute.

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* * KITTEH: " I sitz before yoo; de librarian's assistant. I already knowz wut books yoo be interested in:' Superstitions.' "

Kitty-Wan Kenobi, resident cat (a rescue kitty) of the Sandman Book Company ~ Punta Gorda, Florida. (The best bookstores have a cat, and this one looks like our Mickey Kitty.

Look at the sad kitten eyes on that baby.

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Luna from Sailor Moon. I have a black cat who I named Luna because of the the cat from sailor moon

Looks exactly like our feral cat Baxter..

Looks exactly like our feral cat Baxter. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Ha Ha Ha by martintinaz on DeviantArt

Black kitten - Mid smile, squint - looks cute, happy and a bit vampirey

My Jori, & his brother,...c.c. Madison, wv 2017 ღ♥ Solid black silk!

The Lore of the Black Cat

love this beautiful black kitten with emerald green eyes~ every girl needs a little black cat.