the boy who blocked his own shot lyrics (by brand new)

32 Ways To Tell You Grew Up In The Golden Age Of Pop Punk

you are the smell before the rain. you are the blood in my veins. (originally this tattoo is song lyrics. i would change the "smell before the rain" to "smell after the rain")

Fuck Yeah, Pop Punk Tattoos!

Tattoos are a large part of the punk culture. A lot of people in the punk culture have tattoos, of all kinds of things. This is a tattoo of a song lyric by the band Brand New.

reallifemermaid:    best brand new tattoo ive ever seen yes yes yes yes yes minnbbeeeevghdegjn

This will be my second tattoo. The first is a memorial of Kathy. With the quotes of play crack in the sky around it. Will be the start of my sleeve!