bridesmaid survival kit

Bridesmaid Survival Kit in a Jar

Take a look at the best wedding planning survival kit in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! FLOWER GIRL’s Survival Kit Image source Must haves for a DIY Wedding Day Survival Kit – great idea!

DIY bridesmaid survival kit tutorial with a free printable label from Something Turquoise.

DIY Bridesmaid survival kit - so cute and so easy!

bridesmaid kits

Top ten ways to thank your bridal party

bridesmaid survival kit - I like the layout of this

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit - need to remember to get all this so I'm all ready for my maid of honor duties! Also, need to add a Mr. Clean magic eraser to this list! Best thing ever for removing stains on delicate fabric.

Bridesmaid Survival Kit in a Jar (with free graphic)

Bridesmaid Survival Kit in a Jar

Bridal Survival Kit Items - put in a cute basket or mini bags by theme to give to bride or bridesmaids

Joy Is At Home: DIY Bridesmaids *or brides* Survival Kit//get one of the girls to make a super basket to put in the girls' bathroom