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Ever wonder why those bread ties have colors?! Here's why....


Bread Tie Codes - color of the tie will show what day the bread was delivered to the store.


Color Coated Bread Ties tell you when the bread was delivered. I always wondered why the ties are always different colors!

A Recycled necklace I made. Take pages out of magazines with colors you want, accordion fold the pages then roll them up using a hot glue gun to secure the roll. Then take some cardboard (I used a cereal box) and glue the rolls to the cardboard (cutting around the edges then use a black permanent marker to color the back) Take some wire or I used a bread tie run it under the first roll and create a loop (hot glue to secrure), tie some stirng through it and VIOLA!

van Apartment Therapy

Bread Bag Tags + Power Strip = Easy Identification

Another use for bread ties instead of just tossing them out.


vitamin bottles covered in tan tissue paper. brown ribbon around the bottles and tie 6 to 8 roses into a bouquet using bread ties.


Who knew? Twist tie colors on bread bags correspond to the sell-by dates. It makes it easier for workers to pull stale loaves.


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