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saw idea online, but made up most of my own to fit 'us.' GROOM'S SURVIVAL KIT -RING POP- in case u forget the essentials -KLEENEX- tears of joy -TUMS- how much ur heart burns w/ love 4 me -CLIF BARS- so u have enough energy to get to the alter -LOTTO- today is the luckiest day of ur life -CERTS & CHAPSTICK- u may now kiss the bride -SOCKS- so you don't get cold feet -TEA (bags) FOR 2- relax at the end of the night as Mr & Mrs -SCOTCH- help calm ur nerves -SOMETHING SPECIAL- my boudoir photo…
How to make a darling Bridesmaid Survival Kit!

DIY Bridesmaid survival kit - so cute and so easy!

FLOWER GIRL's Survival Kit
DIY Wedding Day Survival Kits for the Bride and Groom - All the necessities they will need to get them through their wedding day!

A Wedding Day Gift Idea We Love

Download and print this handy Wedding Day Survival Kit with must have items for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Best part? It's free!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist {Free Printable}

Groomsmen Survival Kit  5x7  Postcard  Hard Copy

Groomsmen Survival Kit - 5x7 - Postcard - Hard Copy

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