One day, you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted.

Sometimes the "I would love to: see that person, do that course, get that body I really want, spend time by the ocean or out in nature, travel to that picture postcard place etc" . Becomes a distant memory. How sad is that? How sad it is to substitute

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Story of my life. "I just wanna go on more adventures Be around good energy Connect with people Learn new things Grow"

123 Inspirational Travel Quotes: The Ultimate List

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The best way to recharge those internal batteries - go someplace you've never been before! The Dalai Lama recommends it ;

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Who's ready for Summer? (We're all raising our hands right now.) Make these next few months stellar with the to-do list ahead, which is specially tailored for the closest companions.

This is a cute idea, but with my luck I would completely miss the map. Does that mean I can go to outer space? lol!

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throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.I think this is a great idea, unless I don't like where it lands. When I turn I'm buying a map.

Omg yes I have wanted to do this here for a while now omg yas haha lol

Zorbing in New Zealand. I have no idea what "zorbing" is exactly, but it seems to involve bubbles and water.

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I've always wanted to marry the love of my life and one day i hope i will

Dazu auch nochmal was: da ich nur diese "Kiss...." Bilder finde, ich will mich nicht unter nem Feuerwerk küssen aber zwei andere Dinge :  1. ich möchte mit Freunden ein Feuerwerk sehen/ machen -vllt. Nächstes Jahr am Japan Tag ;) 2. ich möchte mich einmal trauen selbst eins anzuzünden :D   (Klar unter nem Feuerwerk küssen wäre schon schön ;) )

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Bucket List- take my mom & dad on the vacation of her dreams. I will be doing this hopefully next year!

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I want to go on a roadtrip with my best friend, because we always do that every year. Its really fun to spend time with your best friend.

We've all heard about Bucket Lists. But how about a reverse bucket list?

Reverse Bucket List - An Exercise in Gratitude

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