Cardinal Tattoo Tattoos

Cardinals were my grandpa's favorite. I never got the chance to meet him because he died of a heart attack before any of his grandchildren were born. I would love to get a tattoo of a cardinal or two in his honor. Love you Grandpa ♥

Haven't posted in a while  here's a cardinal for @mikefryz from few weeks back..wraps a bunch but you get the idea♦️

Elizabeth Markov’s Tattoos Take Our Breath Away ! Immaculate Line Work And In-Depth Tattoo Craftsmanship !

Everything leaves a mark cardinal feather tattoo

Everything leaves a mark cardinal feather tattoo Well tattoos sure as hell do lol 😂

I plan on getting a cardinal tattoo on my foot for my dad because when I was growing up, we spent time in the woods looking at birds and every time we saw a cardinal we'd get excited. He taught me a lot of birds and cardinals are his favorite.

cardinal bird tattoos - Bing Images I was looking for something like this 3 years ago!

Cardinal Watercolor Art Print by Nancy Knight by NancyKnightArt

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