Which “H2O: Just Add Water” Mermaid Are You?  You got: Rikki Rebellious and independent, you’re a fighter and you want to reach the top. You give good advices and you’re always here for your friends.

Which "H2O: Just Add Water" Mermaid Are You?

Which Just Add Water" Mermaid Are You This show was my childhood, and Rikki was my favourite! Yay I got Rikki!

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Cariba Heine, born October is best known as Rikki Chadwick in Just Add Water, as well as a number of other movies/tv shows in her native …

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Evaline Ginard, Ally ofFalling Snow, Snow leopard shapeshifter, Broken Howl, Series of the Wolves

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Marissa: Member of the Palacio City Children of Nile squad. Long range fighter, magician. Code name "Sorceress"

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Cariba Heine Actress

A young actress named Cariba Heine, who used to play as a young mermaid named Rikki Chadwick in a kid's show called Just Add Water. She also played on the movie Bait.

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Cariba Heine, Actress: Just Add Water. Cariba Heine was born on October 1988 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is an actress and producer, known for Just Add Water Blue Water High and A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne

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WITH her blonde locks and dazzling smile, Cariba Heine is certain to bowl over viewers with her portrayal of Delvene Delaney in Nines mini-series Howzat Kerry Packers War.