Jamie Andries, Carly Manning, Peyton Mabry

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Jamie Andries: Happy birthday hope it's great 💙 Who knew we'd both end up in Oklahoma?

Dylan) at cheer charity event!!!! We cheer and the money we raise goes to charity!!!

Dylan) at cheer charity event! We cheer and the money we raise goes to charity!

Cheer Athletics Wildcats The Cheerleading Worlds 2014 #mindcheer #mindstyle

Cheer Athletics Wildcats - Carly Manning - Cheerleading Worlds 2014 - International Open Coed Level 5 World Champions Champions)

carly manning)) Hey I'm Carly! im cheer caption, of course! I'm queen bee, and I don't talk to losers. ((mean))

((Carly Manning)) Hey I'm Carly! I am the cheer caption, and the queen bee of the school. Unfortunately, Casey is my nerdy brother.

Carly and Gabi <3

Carly and Gabi I remember when this was taken. This was when they were interviewed and stuff, and the news people looked into the life of an Allstar Cheerleader!